2018 Jr. Thespian Conference Email

The Georgia Junior Thespians Board is looking forward to seeing you and your students at the 11th Annual Georgia Junior Thespian Conference held on Saturday, February 24, 2018. Conference Track Assignments have been posted here.

Below you will find important information regarding IE Schedules, Workshop Descriptions, and Event Ticketing Procedures. You will need the IE Schedule while selecting your event tickets. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Georgia Junior Conference Chair, Richard Frazier, at richard.frazier@gathespians.org.

Event Ticketing Sign-Up Account
Troupe Directors should receive an email by the end of the day Tuesday, January 16, with information on how to access their personalized login for ticketing sign-up.

If you have not received this email by Thursday, January 18, please contact richard.frazier@gathespians.org.

You will need this to sign-up for conference events

Individual Events Schedules
2018 Individual Event Schedules may be viewed here.

Workshop Descriptions
2018 Workshop Descriptions and Presenter Bios may be viewed here.

Event Ticketing Procedures 

Workshop Ticket Selection will be open from January 23-26, 2018.

During this time Troupe Directors will select the number of tickets for the Workshops, Individual Events, and COLLIDE opportunities students would like top participate in at conference.

Students will have more than 20 options of workshops and Individual Events to select from. All workshops will be offered in Workshop Sessions 1-4. Available workshops in Session 5 will vary, per track.
Musical Theatre Individual Events will only be offered during Sessions 1-4.
Acting Individual Events will only be offered during Sessions 1-3.

Troupes may not sign up for more than the following quantities per event per session:
Acting Individual Events: 20 Tickets
Musical Theatre Individual Events: 20 Tickets
Workshops: 15 Tickets

Ticket requests for each Session MUST MATCH the total number of attendees per troupe per session. 
Example: Troupe A has 21 attendees registered for conference. In session 1, the tickets for School A may be split up amongst any of the 20 workshops or Individual Events. The final total for School A’s tickets in Session 1 should match up to 21.

Note about Individual Events: Attendees performing in an Individual Event must be signed up for the session in which they are performing.
Example: Troupe A is doing a Musical Theatre IE with 16 students. Their IE is scheduled for Session 3. All 16 students performing in this IE must be registered for “Session 3 Musical Theatre Individual Events”.

A reminder that all audience members must, also have a ticket for the correct session. Attendees (student, adult, performer, audience member) must stay in the IE room for the duration of that session (55 minutes).

Note about COLLIDEs: COLLIDE will take place during Workshop Session 4 and perform as a part of the Closing Showcase on BOTH Tracks. This means students would not be able to sign up for a Workshop in Session 5. No more than 2 students per school may be selected. Students interested in participating in COLLIDE would follow this schedule:

3:30-4:25pm Workshop Session 4 (COLLIDE Rehearsal)
4:30-5:25pm Master Class with F. Michael Haynie
5:30-6:25pm Dinner/Report to Theatre
6:30-7:25pm Closing Showcase 1 (Blue Track Performance)
7:30-8:25pm Closing Showcase 2 (Yellow Track Performance)