2018 ThesCon Updates

We are looking forward to a great conference. Please take a few minutes and look over the Troupe Director Handbook to make sure you are aware of your responsibilities as a troupe director. Most of your questions have already been answered in the handbook or website. If you can’t find the information you need just let me know and I will try to help.

Guidebook Now Available
Download our mobile conference app today! Search your mobile app store for “Guidebook” and download the “2018 Georgia Thespians Conference” guide to stay informed and to start planning your conference schedule. https://guidebook.com/g/gathescon2018/

Added features this year:

  • Troupe List: all of your troupe’s I.E.s, auditions, and shows times are organized for you in a single spot.
    Color Track Schedule: improved layout of the color tracks and conference schedule.

View Guidebook on your computer.

Download Guidebook to your phone.

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aid
Troupes bringing contributions for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids of $100 or more will receive a red BC/EFA ribbon for everyone in their troupe (while supplies last). Remember to make your checks out to Georgia Thespians to be included in the one big check we will send in.

Cirque Workshop
In order to attend Cirque-Shop you must register yourself in person Thursday afternoon DURING YOUR DINNER TIME. You will find the registration table in front of Trade Center: Meeting Room 104 during both dinner times Thursday. You will ONLY be able to register for YOUR track color workshop during YOUR dinnertime. Please come prepared with your release form completely filled out. Once registered you will be given a wristband which will be REQUIRED for entry into the workshop. If you do not pre-register for this workshop, you will not be able to attend. There is limited availability and there will be no wait list. Please have a second option for workshops in case you do not get into the class. You will be able to sign up for only ONE session of Cirque-Shop.

Cirque Indemnification Form

I.E. Schedules
I.E. schedules have been posted on Guidebook. Please make sure that you have looked and marked all of your I.E. slots and locations. Remember that I.E.s are both on Thursday night and Friday during the day this year. There are some I.E.s which have been marked as “Group A” and a “Group B” and are located in different rooms. Make sure that you know which one is assigned to your troupe. You may not substitute or change IEs but you may withdraw them before February 5th (or preferably much earlier). Contact the I.E. Coordinator, Cece Conrath, with any questions.

Freestyle Festival Lineup
The 10th Annual FreeStyle Festival lineup is set. FreeStyle is the very first event of ThesCon, running Thursday from 12:45 until 3:15 at CSU Riverside Theatre Complex: Studio Theatre and Mainstage, so it’s a great way to start your weekend. 2018 entries range from improv troupes to published works to Thespian written original material.

Freestyle Festival Lineup

Scholarship Callsheets
Callsheets for all auditions/interviews have been posted to the website and on Guidebook! Please make sure you have looked and marked all of audition times and plan to arrive at least 15 min prior to that time to check in. All college auditions are in Trade Center: Foundry A & B Ballrooms, and Thespian Interviews are in the Marriott. For people who are auditioning for multiple events, make sure you look for your number/name on all callsheets. Your audition times should have been scheduled around I.E.s and show schedules, but if you see a conflict of times please email scholarships@gathespians.org.


Newly Elected STO

Congratulations to the newly elected STO for the 2018-19 year! Those elected at LeadCon 2 were Emily Bonham-Janes (Evans High School),​ ​John Bush (Gainesville High School)​, Constantin Claasen (North View High School)​, ​Quinn Conrath (Buford High School),​ ​Cooper McGill (Davidson Fine Arts), Kandyce Whittingham (Columbus High School), ​and ​Jahlaynia Winters (Calhoun High School)​.​​ We cannot wait to work with these student leaders to make an incredible ThesCon 2019.

ThesCon’s Got Talent Deadline

Monday, January 22 is the deadline to submit for ThesCon’s Got Talent! Fill out the form, upload the performance on YouTube, and fax it to Kimberly Staples at 770-932-7570. Then join us as we spotlight talented Thespians on Thursday night (for Yellow Track) and Friday night (for Blue Track)!

ThesCon’s Got Talent Application

Bill Heard Theatre Tickets

If any troupe directors know now that their troupe will not arrive on Thursday to use their Opening Number tickets OR will leave conference on Saturday early and will not use their Closing Ceremony tickets, please let us know so that others can use your tickets. Contact frank.pruet@gathespians.org.


If you are interested in helping with Georgia ThesCon, Georgia Junior ThesCon or Georgia Theatre EdCon, please take a few minutes to complete our new volunteer form. The information gathered will be used to create a database to find volunteers for our conferences and potential board members.

Volunteer Application