2019 ThesCon Registration is Open

This year at Georgia Thespian Conference we celebrate Georgia artists and Georgia Thespians who excel at their craft! Please read over all the information carefully about this years conference and event registration. 

When you visit our website please look under the “Quick Links” on the left for the Troupe Director Handbook and Registration Links. On the right side of the page under “Conference Events” you will see a link for each event with information about guidelines, rules and deadlines. If you have questions or concerns, I suggest you contact the person in charge of the event and copy me on the email. 

I suggest you highlight the event and registration deadlines on your personal and school calendars. Also highlight the deadlines for making changes and the fees associated with those changes. With a conference of this size, we have to follow those deadlines in order to have a smooth event. Much of the work that our volunteers need to do will happen the day after each deadline. They will create a schedule then pass it on to the next volunteer who will make a schedule based on the previous information. A change after the deadline causes a domino effect that may effect others more than you realize.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you at the 2nd LeadCon on January 5, 2019.

Conference Registration

Registration is now open.
Please review and adhere to all registration information on the website and in the Troupe Directors Handbook.
Note that the troupe director AND the school administrator are required to sign the registration form before mailing. Pay close attention to each statement, especially this new one:
I certify that all adults (teachers, school staff, parents, chaperones, and any other registered adult) attending this event with our school will have a current background check against the National Sex Offender Registry (https://www.nsopw.gov) between January 1, 2019 and February 1, 2019. 
Note: Checks against the NSOR do not require written permission from any individual. 

The process for the Agreement Forms is improved and designed to take less of your time verifying, but please verify each one before sending. Remember to send all Agreement Forms in alphabetical order, by last names. Registration packets sent with forms not in alphabetical order go to the bottom of the pile for the day they are received, since they take longer for the registration team to process. 

This year a troupe’s registration status will be indicated with reply emails to indicate where a troupe is in the process:

  1. Submitted when the troupe director submits on line
  2. Under Review when the registration team receives the packet but before any review/verification of the packet happens
  3. Accepted when everything is verified and complete

Also, after submitting a registration, the troupe director will see the copy of the registration has the word INVOICE on the top. This copy can be given to the school/system bookkeeper. 
When the registration is accepted, the registration copy will indicate RECEIPT, which can also be given to the school/system bookkeeper. 

There is no cap on registration this year. Troupes who register after the Opening and Closing venues (Bill Heard Theatre and Springer Opera House) are full will be given the choice to attend the conference with no tickets to the Opening and Closing, but full access to everything else, or to have their registrations cancelled and their registration packets, including their un-deposited payment returned.

The registration team will also indicate on our website which Opening and Closing tickets each troupe can expect to receive. Since seating in our two venues is dependent on multiple factors that are fluid during the registration process, we will post these categories:

  • Bill Heard for Opening and Closing
  • Limbo Bill Heard/Springer
  • Springer for Opening and Closing
  • Limbo Springer/No tickets
  • No tickets for Opening and Closing

Please note: The UPS store where our box is located can no longer take hand deliveries and place them in our box. They are now required to place postage on anything hand delivered and put it in the US postage system or the UPS postage system. That change means that you will no longer meet the deadline if you hand-deliver your registration (or any other forms/fees) on the printed deadline. Anything hand-delivered will be processed and delivered later, through normal procedures and timelines. 

Conference Events

Individual Events (I.E.s)

You may begin registering for Individual Events as soon as your Thespian Conference registration is completed. Please make sure that you look at the I.E. Guide on the website and if you have any questions, email Cece Conrath. 


Playworks entries can be submitted to playworks@gathespians.org beginning Sunday, September 30. You must follow the format as stated on the webpageand Troupe Director’s Handbook


Please refer to the Scholarship Application Instructions document detailing the instructions for completing your registration to audition for colleges and/or scholarships at conferenceApplication.
All registrations must be complete by Super Deadline, December 5, 2018.

ThesCon’s Got Talent

ThesCon’s Got Talent is accepting applications! Please see the form on gathespians.org. Deadline is January 22.

New Troupe Directors

Troupe Directors that are in their first or second year or those who have never attended Thespian Conference, please email Valerie Longshore-Sargent to make sure you are getting special information and reminders about ThesCon.


Each year at conference, Georgia Thespians & Georgia Chapter of Educational Theatre Association recognizes outstanding work and dedication to educational theatre by students and their teachers. Applications are due on the Super Deadline, December 5, 2018.

Outstanding Student Achievement Award
Recognize students who exemplify the ideals of the Georgia Thespians. To be eligible, for either award, a candidate must be in good standing with the International Thespian Society and an active member of his/her school Thespian Troupe (must be in grades 9-12).

Hall of Fame
Georgia Thespians recognizes annually an individual who has dedicated himself or herself to the cause of theatre education. Any member of Educational Theatre Association (Troupe Director or Individual member) who has 20 years of service is eligible to be nominated for this award.

Administrator’s Award
Georgia Thespians present this award to outstanding school administrators who have demonstrated exemplary support for educational theatre. Administrators from all schools or school districts affiliated with Georgia Thespians are eligible for the Administrator’s Award. Troupe directors may submit nominations for individuals or administrative teams serving at the department, building, or district level.

Outstanding Theatre Educator
Georgia Thespians hopes to recognize an individual who has dedicated himself or herself to the cause of theatre education and the promotion of the fine arts in his or her community. Any member of Educational Theatre Association (Troupe Director or Individual member) is eligible to be nominated for this award.

Nomination applications for all of these awards can be found at https://gathespians.org/conference/awards/. 

If you have any questions about awards, contact the Awards Committee at awards@gathespians.org.

Honor Troupes

Honor TroupesCongratulations to all! If you are interested in ordering a plaque to commemorate your distinction,  please contact Susan Pierce or Robby Davis.