2019 ThesCon Registration Reminder

ThesCon Registration ends November 14, 2018.

If your registration has already been Accepted, this email isn’t for you. You may check the status of your registration here: https://gathespians.org/conference/registration/

All registration packets must be RECEIVED BY November 14, 2018. A complete packet includes:

1) Signed Registration form
2) Agreement Forms for all attendees
3) Payment (or Paypal receipt)

Note: Make sure every student is an ACTIVE Thespian.

Packets received after November 14, 2018 will not be accepted.

Strong Recommendation: At this point, do not send registration packets using regular USPS mail, which can take up to two weeks to reach us. Send through FedEx or UPS, secure tracking, and send express/next day mail.

If you hand-deliver your packet to the UPS store where our box is, they are now required to charge you for postage/shipping fees and process your packet by mailing it. You will NOT meet the deadline if you hand-deliver your packet the day of the deadline.

Double check all Agreement Forms.

  • You must include an Agreement Form for everyone you register.  
  • None of the Super Sixteen or the Medical Three boxes can be left blank.
  • Boxes asking for first and last names must have first and last names in them.
  • Boxes asking for phone numbers must have 10-digit phone numbers in them.
  • A person cannot be his/her own emergency contact.
  • Check for accurate birthdates. No one attending ThesCon was born in 1918. Or 2018.
  • All forms must have a printed name and a signature at the bottom of the form of

1) either a parent’s signature of the student attendee (even if the student is           18 or older)
2) the signature of the adult attending as a chaperone.
The troupe director cannot sign any forms other than his/her own form.

If you have questions concerning registration please contact Frank Pruet at frank.pruet@gathespians.org or Eric Ebell at webmaster@gathespians.org