2019 ThesCon Shows & Ticketing

This year we will be using BookTix to select tickets for conference shows. Please be sure to read all information included and share with your students.

Create Account / Login

All Troupe Directors must create a Georgia Thespians BookTix account.
You will only have to do this once. Only one account per troupe.

Visit gathespians.booktix.com to create an account. Be sure to fill out all information. 
– If you are a current Booktix user (through your school, etc) you must create a separate account for the  Georgia Thespians portal.
– If you were at LeadCon 1 and have already created an account, you do not need to create a new one. You may choose “Login”

Show List

Once have created your account and logged in, a comprehensive list of all shows will appear. They are sorted first by venue (largest to small) and then by time (Thursday evening to Saturday morning). The complete Yellow Track listing is at the top of the page and the complete Blue Track listing begins about half way down. 

To view only Blue Track Shows click here

To view only Yellow Track Shows click here

You may also click on the hyper link below each show name to take you to the list of just your tracks shows. (pictured below)

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that your ticket selection goes smoothly.

– Create your account in advance.

– Either save your information into the password feature on the computer you will use when selecting tickets or write it down on a sticky note so you have it handy when tickets become available

– Share this information with your students. You can set up a google form or remind to acquire information from your students. Give yourself plenty of time to process numbers so that when selecting you can be quick and efficient.

– Start with the smaller venue shows. If you know that there is something you would like to see in the smaller venues (ie CSU Blackbox or McClure Theatre) select those tickets first as those are normally the first shows to “sell out”.

– Remember that the more prepared you are the morning that tickets go on sale, the more likely you are to get the shows you want.

– If for whatever reason the show you want sells out, please visit the Ticket Exchange table in the Trade Center during conference. The show you may have wanted may be available there.