2019 ThesCon Super Deadline 12/5

Please remember that December 5, 2018 is the Super Deadline. This deadline applies to Awards Nominations, STO Candidate application, Film Festival application & fee, PlayWorks submission, Improv! application & fee, Individual Event registration & fee, Scholarship forms & fees, and Tech Challenge application & fee, ThesCon’s Got Talent application. Please refer to the High School Thespian Conference page to find specific instructions and forms for registering for these Conference Events. These deadlines and other important information can also be found in the Troupe Directors Handbook, available here. FreeStyle forms are not due until LeadCon 2.


Nominations for Hall of Fame, Administrator’s Award, and Outstanding Student Achievement In Theatre, and Outstanding Theatre Educator are due December 5. Applications can be found here.
Contact Brian Jones at brain.jones@gathespians.org for more information.


Registration from Improv! must be completed by the Super Deadline. All information pertaining to the Improv! can be found in the Improv! Guide and the application here. Please contact improv@gathespians.org for any questions.

Honor Troupe

If you are a Gold, Silver, or Bronze and would like to commemorate your accomplishments, order a plaque from Susan Pierce at susan.pierce@gathespians.org. Order forms will be placed on the website later this week.

Individual Events

  1. Register online and make sure you receive verification that it was submitted.
  2. Pay online or have approved payment mailed.
  3. Registration is NOT complete until ALL signed paperwork is either mailed with payment or scanned and emailed to Cece Conrath at cece.conrath@gathespians.org if you paid with credit card. 
  4. Signed paperwork (by troupe director and school administrator) MUST be received by the Super Deadline, December 5. 
  5. Your status will remain “Under Review” until all rights to perform are checked by the I.E. committee. The status of those who have already registered and completed mailing and paperwork will be updated by Dec. 1 and then again on Dec.

Detailed I.E. information can be found in the IE GuideContact Cece Conrath at cece.conrath@gathespians.org if you need more information.


Please make sure submissions include the playwright’s name, school, and troupe number in the body of the email. Submissions must be emailed to PlayWorks@gathespians.org by 6 PM on the Super Deadline.

Tech Challenge

Team entry form and fee must be received by the Super Deadline. Please contact Cassandra Edwards at cassandra.edwards@gathespians.org if you have any questions.


Remember all scholarship materials (online form, mail in forms, money) must be submitted and received by the Super Deadline. Please contact Cheryl Baraban at cheryl.baraban@gathespians.org for more information. 

STO Candidates

Postmarked STO applications must be received by the Super Deadline in order to be considered for candidacy. Please contact Kimberly Staples at kimberly.staples@gathespians.org for more information.

Please keep in mind that all are volunteers so it may take 24 hours to respond to emails.The Super Deadline is a received by deadline. Georgia Thespians suggest getting a tracking number to confirm that your package arrived on or before the deadline.
Looking forward to seeing you at LeadCon on January 5, 2019 at Baldwin High School.