2020 ThesCon Registration Update

We have filled all of the seats for the Opening Ceremony and the Closing Showcase for the live viewing in the Bill Heard Theater at RiverCenter and the closed circuit viewing in the Springer Opera House for both tracks. This is the first time this has happened. We have 400 attendees already who will attend the conference without tickets for those two events. Because of that, any attendee added now as a new attendee (not substituted for a removed attendee) will not received tickets to the Opening Ceremony or the Closing Showcase. Added attendees will be able to participate in all other shows, events, meals, etc.

If you have questions concerning registration please contact Frank Pruet at frank.pruet@gathespians.org or Eric Ebell at webmaster@gathespians.org

Super Deadline

The Super Deadline is December 6, 2019. Remember that all deadlines are “received by”. This means you CAN NOT send forms in on December 6 and think we will receive them that same day. Please go to the website or the Conference Handbook for more information. Award Nominations, STO Candidate Application, Playworks submissions, Improv! application & fee, Musicalworks submissions, IE registration, form, & fee, Tech Challenge form & fee, Scholarship and Auditioning form & fee, Film Festival, Honor Troupe Plaque order & fee.