Individual Events

Highlights for 2018 – 2019

Acting IE Schedule

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Solo Musical IE Schedule

Tech IE Schedule

Commonly called IE’s, Individual Events give theatre students from around the state opportunities to perform in solo, duet, or group dramatic or musical scenes. Technical IE’s allow tech students the opportunity to show what they know and display the work they’ve done.

Please be aware that at the International Thespian Festival a student can only participate in one event regardless of the number of superiors received at Georgia Thespian Conference or Georgia Junior Thespian Conference. See the IE Guide for more information.

All forms and payments must be received by the Super Deadline in order to be eligible. This includes fees, copies of the registration (“hardcopy”), signatures, and proof of permission as established in “Securing performance rights for Individual Events material” must be received by Georgia Thespians by the deadline. All money or copies received after the deadline will be returned to sender and the IE will not be scheduled. Personal checks will be returned.

Detailed IE information can be found in the IE Guide.

Contact Cece Conrath if you need more information.