LeadCon, short for Leadership Conference, gives opportunities to promote and develop student leadership in Georgia’s Thespian troupes. We invite you to bring all your high school troupe leaders:

  • Troupe’s Two Student Representatives
  • Troupe’s State Thespian Officer Candidate – Find more information about STO candidates by clicking here.
  • Other Troupe Leaders, Chaperones, and Directors

Your troupe’s two student representatives will participate in the annual election process for next year’s group of Student Thespian Officers (STO). The current STO and adult members of the Thespian Board and Junior Thespian Board will conduct student-focused forums and workshops for all your student leaders on topics such as community service, advocacy, the Honor Troupe application process, IE and Scholarships, and the array of opportunities available to Thespians at Georgia Thespian Conference. We hope that these LeadCons will guide, inspire, and energize your Troupe’s student leaders.

September 7 2018:All-State Opening Number audition/setup
September 8 2018: LeadCon and All-State Opening Number audition
Location: Baldwin High School in Milledgeville, GA

January 4,  2019: All-State Opening Number Rehearsal
January 5, 2019:  LEADCON / STO elections and All-State Opening Number
Location: Baldwin High School in Milledgeville, GA