Troupe Directors,

I wanted to reach out to you with an update about LeadCon this Saturday,September 9, at Baldwin High School in Milledgeville. We, the Chapter Board, have been watching the weather forecast for this weekend and realize many of you have questions and concerns about the event.

At this time, we expect auditions for the opening number, rehearsal for the opening number, and LeadCon to proceed as planned. If these plans change, we will send an email to all troupe directors and post it on our website and other social media outlets. We understand that some troupes may not be able to attend due to school closings. Our main concern is for the safety of our thespians and our troupe directors. With the storm approaching, each troupe director must make the decision about traveling to Milledgeville in conjunction with their school administrator and parents.

If you have any questions or concerns about LeadCon, please contact me at paul.hampton@gathespians.org

LeadCon, short for Leadership Conference, gives opportunities to promote and develop student leadership in Georgia’s Thespian troupes. We invite you to bring all your high school troupe leaders:

  • Troupe’s Two Student Representatives
  • Troupe’s State Thespian Officer Candidate – Find more information about STO candidates by clicking here.
  • Other Troupe Leaders, Chaperones, and Directors

Your troupe’s two student representatives will participate in the annual election process for next year’s group of Student Thespian Officers (STO). The current STO and adult members of the Thespian Board and Junior Thespian Board will conduct student-focused forums and workshops for all your student leaders on topics such as community service, advocacy, the Honor Troupe application process, IE and Scholarships, and the array of opportunities available to Thespians at Georgia Thespian Conference and Georgia Junior Thespian Conference. We hope that these LeadCons will guide, inspire, and energize your Troupe’s student leaders.

LeadCon is held at Baldwin High School in Milledgeville, Georgia on September 9th, 2017, and January 6th, 2018.

There will be a General Meeting at 9:45 AM. At 10:00 AM the STO Candidates and two troupe representatives will go with the current STO, while Troupe Directors, Chaperones and Troupe Leaders will break off into workshops and sessions. This session should end at 1:00 PM.

Here are a few topics that will be covered in the workshops:

New Troupe Directors: Valerie Longshore-Sargent, the New Troupe Director Mentor will help you navigate the Troupe Directors Conference Handbook. A rundown of important dates and procedures concerning the ThesCon.  This session is highly encouraged for the first and second year Troupe directors.

Individual Events: Cece Conrath, GA Thespians IE Coordinator will discuss rating rubrics/rules, how to select, rehearse, and perform IE’s as well as how to secure performance rights. Get your year started on tract by understanding the IE process and clearing up any questions you might have.

Scholarship/College Auditions: Cheryl Baraban, GA Thespians Scholarship Coordinator will discuss how to select and prepare pieces for the college and Thespian scholarship interviews and auditions. Juniors and Seniors (and their teachers and parents) planning on auditioning this year will benefit from this session.

Improv! Mallory Nonnemaker, Improv! Event Coordinator will cover the new structure and rubric for Improv! as well as teach the three games used in the competition. Anyone who loves improv will benefit from the information in this session.

Q & A If you have questions about Tech Challenge, FreeStyle Theater, PlayWorks, Improv, Conference Registration, Performing a Show, Ticket Exchange, or anything else concerning ThesCon 2018, now is your chance to get answers. Members of the GA State Board will be available to help you.

Running for STO STO Candidates and Troupe Reps will meet with the current STO and Mrs. Staples to learn more about the responsibilities of a State Thespian Officer, the process of becoming an official candidate and the importance of deadlines.  The Reps will learn how they can vote for their troupe to determine next year’s leaders.  Any student wanting to run for STO must attend this meeting.


Other Important events happening at LeadCon:

Honor Troupe Application If you are entering your troupe as an Honor Troupe this year, remember to bring your Brag Books.  If you have not participated in this Board Member Michelle Morea will be happy to talk to you about it.

Conference  grant applications If you have students who would like to go to conference but need financial help, please make sure they are aware of these grants.  The application can be found our website and is due at LeadCon.

Script Swap Do you have multiple copies of scripts that are just taking up space? The SCRIPT SWAP is back!  Board Member Bob Ramseur will help you find new treasures in exchange for your old ones, while raising money for Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids. This year, we will also be helping a Louisiana troupe that lost everything in the recent flood.  The guidelines for this event are on our website.