ThesCon’s Got Talent


>>> 2019 Entry form <<<
Deadline: January 22, 2019

ThesCon’s Got Talent will be hosted by the State Thespian Officers and take place in the dining hall at Columbus Iron Works.
12 acts (per track) will be selected by the Georgia STO to perform.
● There will not be a “winner” of ThesCon’s Got Talent – Instead, it should be viewed as a celebration of the diverse talents of Georgia Thespians!


● Upload a 1 minute preview of your act to YouTube and include the link below.
● Acts may not exceed 3 minutes.
● There is no limit to the number of students that may participate in an act.
● Only one act per troupe may apply.
● Dual-troupe acts will not be accepted.
● For acts that require accompaniment, they must be downloaded on a device with an auxiliary plug input. Adapters for iPhone 7 and and higher will be available. NO CD’S or FLASH DRIVES.
● Only one handheld microphone will be available.

ThesCon’s Got Talent may overlap with other conference events including: Tech Challenge, Improv!, Freestyle, Individual Events, and Scholarship Auditions. Conflicts with any of these events may prohibit participation.