Frequently Asked Questions

Website User Account Activation

Q: I still can’t log into the website because I have not received my email activation link. Can you help?

A: Sometimes these activation links get held up in school email servers. However, please check your spam and junk folders too. Some troupe directors choose to use their personal email accounts for conference registration and Georgia Thespian related activities because of delays with school email servers. If you want to do that, you can request another website user account using your personal email address.

Conference Registration

Q: My principal will be out of town when I completed my registration, and therefore he will be unable to sign my conference registration form. Can another administrator sign in his place (with his permission)?

A: We require the signature from your senior administration team so that we know you have been approved to attend our conference. Yes, another administrator can sign in place of your principal or headmaster.

Registration Packet
Q: I mailed my packet to you yesterday. Have you received it?

A: Your registration packet’s status can be viewed on our website. Additionally, we send automated emails once we receive and start reviewing your packet, and when we accept your packet. We’ll also send you an email if we have questions about your packet or if you need to supply us with additional information pertaining to your registration.

Copy of Submitted Registration
Q: I need a copy of my submitted registration (for whatever reason: my book keeper, my Honor Troupe application, our booster club, my sister’s pet cat), can you send me one?

A: In most cases, a Troupe Director can revisit the registration section for conference or for a conference related event and select the “View Submitted” link or button. The Troupe Director can have access to the previous year’s conference registration until shortly before registration for the next conference launches.