Jr. Registration

Highlights for 2018 – 2019

  • Registration opens September 30, 2018

The Georgia Junior Thespian Conference registration is conducted online via the Georgia Thespian website. Troupe Directors are responsible for creating a website user account and for registering their troupe’s attendees. If you need help getting a website user account then please contact the webmaster.


$70 all attendees (students and adults)

This fee includes all workshops, master classes, programs, t-shirt, entertainment, social events (dance for students), and Saturday lunch and dinner.

When mailing in your conference registration fees, your “packet” must include:

  • Payment
  • Copy of your troupe’s registration (screen print out)
  • Complete Agreement Forms (every box/signature is required) for all attendees in alphabetical order.

Registration opens September 30, 2018 and closes on DDecember 12, 2018, or when a capacity has been reached. Remember, you may meet the deadline but not be included if we fill up before the deadline. If registration changes are made after the deadline then your troupe will incur a change fee.

Georgia Junior Thespians
2897 North Druid Hills
Box 225
Atlanta, GA 30329

NOTE: If your bookkeeper needs a new W-9 form, please email frankpruet@yahoo.com and request one.

NOTE: You are not officially registered until all of your fees have been received. At that time, your online registration status will be changed from “Pending” to “Accepted.” Registered troupes will be posted on the website. All required documents must be mailed. Hand delivered documents will not be accepted.

• Certified checks
• School checks
• School booster club checks
• Money orders
• Credit Cards (through PayPal). Note: A non-refundable service fee applies.
• U.S. funds (from a U.S. bank only)

NOTE: Make all checks/money orders out to Georgia Thespians.

NOTE: Personal checks will not be accepted. $50 returned check fee will apply.

If your request arrives after a posted deadline, the guidelines for the next time period will applyYou want to add attendee(s) to your already accepted registration

You want to make a change or a substitution to your already accepted registration
October 1, 2018 –  

December 19, 2018
$70 (regular registration) with no additional fee per attendee if room allows
No fee for change/substitution per attendee

December 20, 2018 –

January 4, 2019

Out of Office period.  
Anything received during this time will be processed after January 4th

January 5, 2019 –  

January 31, 2019
$70 plus $100 fee (total $170)  
per attendee if room allows
 $100 fee per change/substitution per attendee

February 1, 2019 –  
February 19, 2019
Only adult additions allowed during this time period.  
No students can be added after January 31
$70 plus a $200 fee (total $270)
per adult attendee if room allows
Only adult changes/substitutions   allowed during this time period.  

No students can be changed/substituted after January 31
$200 fee per change/substitution per adult attendee