Jr. Workshops & Events

During the annual conference, students have the opportunity to participate in hands-on, dynamic, and exciting workshops led by theatre professionals in many areas of the Theatre Arts. 

The workshop ticketing window will be open for submissions from January 17-January 20, 2023.

Ticket orders will be filled in the order that the forms are received. If a workshop is full, that workshop will no longer be offered on the form. If a director requests tickets for a workshop that is full, the director will be notified via email and allowed to make a second choice. Directors will be able to request a maximum number of tickets per workshop per session based on the number of current conference attendees. Directors who do not complete the workshop ticketing form will receive what tickets are remaining. 

Students will have the opportunity to observe Acting and Musical Theatre Individual Events in lieu of a workshop session. They will be ticketed using the same system as workshops.

Tickets will be divided up and included in the director’s packet at Junior Thespian Conference registration the day of the conference. 


At the Georgia Junior Thespian Conference, students have the opportunity to participate in a COLLIDE. A COLLIDE is a 55-minute crash-course session where students learn a new skill or create an original performance. At the end of the session, students will have learned a skill or performance which will be shared alongside the Superior Thespys during the Conference Closing Showcase.

Prior to the Conference, teachers will nominate students in the different COLLIDE areas alongside workshop ticketing.

 Tech Playground

Students interested in Technical Theatre have the opportunity to challenge their techy side in our Tech Playground. In this hands-on experience students will rotate through stations to learn different skills. After some instruction students have a chance to test their knowledge and speed. The Tech Playground is a great way for students to gain practical hands-on experience as they explore the wonderful world of Tech.

Tech Challenge

NEW THIS YEAR!! Each troupe will have the opportunity to compete in a Tech Challenge similar to the one at the high school conference and ITF. Troupe Directors will select a team of 4 students, via ticketing, and the team will compete in tech events against other troupes at the conference. The top scoring troupe will be recognized at the Conference Closing Showcase. More details will be provided during the registration period.