Junior State Thespian Officers

What is a JSTO?
A JSTO is a Junior State Thespian Officer. Their main job is to plan, manage, and host the Georgia Junior Thespian Conference immediately following their election. Additionally, the JSTO serve as the primary voice and advocate of Georgia Junior Thespian students on the Georgia Junior Thespian Conference Board.

Who can be a JSTO?
Any current 6th, 7th, or 8th grader who is an inducted Thespian and in good standing with his/her troupe and school is eligible to run. The student must have a desire to be a strong leader and be prepared to work for the good of the Georgia Junior Thespian Conference. Each school may submit no more than two (2) candidates for election.

How Do I Apply to Become a JSTO?
The JSTO application must be completed by the deadline. If an application is not received by the deadline, the student will not be considered for candidacy. Once received, candidates will be notified by email on the status of their application. Additionally, candidates may not campaign for office. If there are 4 or less candidates there will not be an election. If there are more than four candidates then there will be an election. There will be a window to vote. Each troupe can vote for 4 candidates. Contact Natalie Pass with any questions. 

I Got Elected, Now What?

JSTO candidates will be expected to shadow and assist current JSTO with various jobs at the Georgia Jr. Thespian Conference. This includes arriving early and remaining at conference through the end of the closing ceremony.

  • JSTOs must attend a leadership training during the summer which will be held in Georgia. Date TBD.  
  • JSTOs will be expected to attend various meetings throughout the year. Transportation and any of its costs are the responsibility of the JSTO. All meetings are required. These meetings will include a Junior Chapter Board Retreat in August and a conference planning weekend in early Fall.
  • You must have the ability to stay in constant communication with fellow JSTOs, adult board members, and other Junior Thespians via email and phone
  • JSTOs must meet all deadlines and come to meetings prepared.
  • JSTOs must be proactive and responsible.
  • JSTOs must serve as an example of the ideal Junior Thespian.
  • JSTOs who currently hold an office must re-run each year they are interested/eligible.