Conference Grants

Georgia Thespian Conference Grants are available for Thespian students who have financial difficulty and for whom free conference registration would be beneficial. The application must be submitted before the deadline. Students awarded grants will be notified via email. Recipients will be credited with the grant online when the troupe registers or shortly thereafter, depending on the time of registration.

Conference grants are awarded based on merit:
a.) The student’s involvement in his or her troupe — including activities and/or awards.
b.) The student’s contribution to his or her school’s theatre program and troupe.
c.) The student’s financial need and how this grant will help the students reach his or her goals.

There are 50 conference grants available for the 2023 Georgia Thespian Conference (high school) !!
There are 5 conference grants available for the 2023 Georgia Jr. Thespian Conference (middle school) !!

The official troupe director must be logged in to submit the application. Students wanting to apply for conference grants should work with their troupe directors to do so.

The fine print: In order to quality for conference grants, students must be inducted and active Thespians with their troupe.