ThesCon is in 2 weeks!

The countdown to ThesCon2018 continues! You can find announcements on our website, but remember that Guidebook will have the most up to date information at conference. Please refer to the Troupe Director Conference Handbook or the Event page on our website concerning making any changes to I.E.s, Improv!, Tech Challenge, or FreeStyle entries. Last minute changes are not allowed and could affect your troupes opportunities for next conference.

Download Guidebook

Download our mobile conference app today! Search your mobile app store for “Guidebook” and download the “2018 Georgia Thespians Conference” guide to stay informed and to start planning your conference schedule.

Added features this year:

  • Troupe List: all of your troupe’s I.E.s, auditions, and shows times are organized for you in a single spot.
  • Color Track Schedule: improved layout of the color tracks and conference schedule.

Download Guidebook here.

Individual Events

  • Please check the IE schedules on Guidebook and/or on the website. If you have any questions or see any conflicts or issues contact
  • If you need to withdraw an I.E., please do so ASAP so that the schedule can be adjusted.
  • Please remind your students that they MUST wear all black (they need to rehearse in what they are wearing, so they need to have these clothing items soon if they haven’t purchased already).
  • We are ONLY using MP3 devices (NO CDs) this year and tracks MUST be previously downloaded to a device (there will be no WiFi to play from YouTube, Spotify, etc.).
  • Look on the website at the IE Guide and make sure that you are aware of all of the rubric areas and individual event categories rules and procedures.

Registration Changes

Remember that Wednesday, January 31, is the last day to make registration changes or additions. Changes can be made for a $100 fee per change. Attendees can be added (if available) for $225 per attendee added (No money orders can be accepted for changes or additions at this time). All Change Request forms and Agreement Forms must be 100% complete, correct, and received by January 31. Here’s a link to the Change Request Form. Contact or with questions.

Scholarship Callsheets

If you haven’t already, check the callsheets for all auditions on Guidebook. Also make sure you have checked our “Audition Tips” section of the website for what you need to prepare for your audition! If you have any IE or show conflicts, or have a question about what to prepare, email

Tech Challenge

The Tech Challenge schedule has been posted on Guidebook! Don’t forget that Tech Challenge will be on Thursday for yellow track and Friday for blue track from 9:30 pm-10:30pm. Thank you to Newnan High School for their addition to our demonstration videos …the video is an excellent example of the prop shift event. Remember, in the actual event there are four place settings that need to be changed. If you have any questions, concerns, want to volunteer as a judge email

Thursday and Friday PM Activities

As you know this year we will not have a “dance” as in the past. There will be many other options available for you and your students: The new ThesCon’s Got Talent will be in the Trade Center: South Exhibit Hall, 2 different dance masterclasses based on the music and dances of the sixties in the Ballrooms, as well as Improv!, Tech Challenge, IEs and many other workshops. Please check Guidebook for more information.


If you are interested in helping with Georgia ThesCon, Georgia Junior ThesCon or Georgia Theatre EdCon, please take a few minutes to complete our new volunteer form. The information gathered will be used to create a database to find volunteers for our conferences and potential board members.