ThesCon week is here!

Hello Troupe Directors, We are just 4 days from ThesCon 2108. I know this email may seem long, but I need you to ready over all the information and prepare to share it with your troupe. Each of you are the true leaders of your students and they will do what you tell them, The key is for you to share all the information with them. These emails and our 2018 Georgia Thespian Conference Troupe Director Handbook is our way of keeping you informed. This is for the safety of all attendees. If you see our students misbehave or make bad decisions, take the time to politely correct them. With your help this will be the best 3 days of theatre education for the students of Georgia.


When you enter the Columbus Trade Center, head to the right to the Registration booth in the Grand Hallway that leads to the Ballrooms.
Please turn in any Opening and/or Closing tickets you will not use to the registration desk as soon after picking up your registration box as possible.
If you have attendees who are not attending at the last minute, turn their neck wallets and name badges in to the registration desk, as well.

In your registration box you will find:
Individual Attendee packets (a bundled conference program, tee shirt, neck wallet with name badge already inserted)

A Georgia Thespians tote bag containing:

  • Plastic bag(s) of pre-counted ribbons (and any specialty ribbons your troupe might have earned)
  • Plastic bag(s) of show tickets.
  • Tickets to the Opening/Closing (either in the Bill Heard Theater or in the Springer Opera House for the Opening/Closing closed circuit)
  • A folder with conference information and EdTA information.
  • Pathway to Prizes sheets for each adult in the troupe. 
  • A local discount card for every attendee in your troupe for discounts at restaurants and shops in Columbus.

Georgia Thespian Policy

Sometimes Troupe Directors are unable to meet the deadline to make registration changes. There are lots of reasons for this, like finding out a student can’t attend after the deadline or just not having time to fill out the paperwork or wanting to pay the late fees. Disregarding the rules and policies of our conference is a mistake, however. A director who decides to bring another student in place of a registered student who can no longer attend or bring a student who was never registered in the first place as a last minute addition, is jeopardizing his/her career. We realize that a registered attendee who no longer can attend will lose their money, but please understand there is more than just money at stake. If something happened that involved a student or adult that we do not have an Agreement Form for on file, we would have to report that action to the administrator of the school and to the Educational Theatre Association in order to clear us of any liability. This unprofessional decision made by the troupe director could have severe consequences.

Cirque Workshop

In order to attend Cirque-Shop you must register yourself in person Thursday afternoon DURING YOUR DINNER TIME. You will find the registration table in front of Trade Center: Meeting Room 104 during both dinner times Thursday. You will ONLY be able to register for YOUR track color workshop during YOUR dinnertime. Please come prepared with your release form completely filled out. Once registered you will be given a wristband which will be REQUIRED for entry into the workshop. If you do not pre-register for this workshop, you will not be able to attend. There is limited availability and there will be no wait list. Please have a second option for workshops in case you do not get into the class. You will be able to sign up for only ONE session of Cirque-Shop.
Click here: Addendum Form.


  • Tomorrow (2/5/18) is the last day to withdraw an IE without penalty. Please email to do so.
  • Please check the schedule one more time and make sure that there are no issues with your troupe IEs.
  • Remember to have your music DOWNLOADED (there will be no wifi available) onto a device that can use an aux cord (we will provide dongles/adapters)
  • There will be a Yellow Track and a Blue Track IE Showcase at the Closing Ceremony. The rehearsal time will be for both tracks on Saturday. Check your schedule and make sure that you will be able to be at rehearsal. Yellow Track showcase participants may leave after the Yellow Track Closing unless you are in an IE with a multi-troupe in the Blue Track.
  • On the day of your IE make sure that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your time, wear all black, have your music ready to play and are prepared to act or have all materials needed for your Tech IE.

Trade Center Wi-Fi and Concessions

The Columbus Convention & Trade Center has two announcements:
  1. Access to Wi-Fi is available at the Trade Center for $10.00. This access is good for the duration of ThesCon2018. Please visit their office to purchase the access.
  2. The Trade Center Catering team will have a Cold Pressed Juice Stand and Iron Works Coffee Stand in addition to the standard concession stand. 

Freestyle Festival Lineup

The lineup for the 10th Annual FreeStyle Festival is finalized. Performance sets begin about every 15 minutes starting at 12:45 on Thursday and run until 3:15. FreeStyle performances are non-tracked, so you can attend any set as soon as you arrive at ThesCon 2018.

Scholarship Auditions

Callsheets for all auditions/interviews have been posted to the website and on Guidebook! Please make sure you have looked and marked all of audition times and plan to arrive at least 15 min prior to that time to check in. Email if you have any questions.


Since ribbons sometimes fall off the neck wallets, consider bringing a small stapler or a roll of painters tape (or gaffers tape) to conference with you to reinforce the ribbons and avoid disappointment.

PM Activities

All Late Night/Evening Activities events opposite shows will be held from 9:30-10:30 PM (Yellow Track on Thursday and Blue Track on Friday). There are many events during this time, including ThesCon’s Got Talent, 1960s dance masterclasses, Tech Challenge, Improv!, and workshops.

Pathways to Prizes

Troupe Directors or Adults from your school may pick up extra “Passports” from the Vendor table located in the front of the North Exhibit Hall of the Trade Center (where all of the Vendors and College tables are located). Visit each of our Vendor booths listed on the “Passport” and get your “Passport” stamped. After all spaces are filled in, place your completed form in the prize box located in the Vendor area. There will be drawings for a variety of exciting prizes at noon on Saturday, February 10th, 2018, in the Trade Center lobby. You must be present to win (or someone from your troupe)! Don’t miss this opportunity to win great prizes for you and your troupe! Over 50 Troupe directors and parents won gifts last year!


The safety of our attendees is very important to us, the venue hosts and the Columbus Police Department. For the safety of all attendees please make sure that all of your students and chaperones are aware of the following rules:
  1.  Attendees must stay off the train tracks. These train tracks are still used daily and should not be used as a walkway.
  2. Attendees should use the sidewalks to travel from one venue to another.
  3. Students should stay out of the downtown parking garages unless going to a vehicle to leave the conference with their troupe director’s consent.
  4. Attendees may not sit on the ledge of the outside balcony of the Trade Center. This is very dangerous
  5. Failure to comply may result in the removal of attendees from the conference. 

CSU Student Volunteers

This year CSU student volunteers will wear bright, neon orange tee shirts to better identify them. Students in these orange tee shirts can give directions or answer questions anyone might have. Thanks CSU theatre students for your help!

Uptown Columbus

The city of Columbus has really embraced our theme this year. They have borrowed some vintage VW vans and cars for students to take pictures with. Please explain to your students these should be thought of as borrowed or rented props/costumes. They belong to someone who is letting us use them. They can stand in front of them and around them but not on top of them. You will also see the street stickers with directions and a new outdoor stage in front of the RiverCenter. Students may see ambassadors of Uptown Columbus in Purple Shirts. They are there to help monitor downtown and answer questions about the city to our attendees.