ThesCon Weekly Update 4

It’s THESCON week. As Thursday approaches all of our volunteers are busy prepping for you arrival. Remeber to download Guidebook 2019 Georgia Thepsian Conference for the most up to date announcements and schedules. Please read through these messages as they will help you as the troupe director to lead your students to a fun and safe conference.


When you enter the Columbus Trade Center, head to the right to the Riverside Registration booth in the Grand Hallway that leads to the Ballrooms. 
Please turn in any Opening and/or Closing tickets you will not use to the registration desk as soon after picking up your registration box as possible. 
If you have attendees who are not attending at the last minute, turn their neck wallets and name badges in to the registration desk, as well. Any adult registered with your troupe can sign for and pick up your troupe’s registration materials. 

In your registration box you will find:

  • Individual Attendee packets (a bundled conference program, tee shirt, neck wallet with name badge already inserted)
  • A Georgia Thespians tote bag containing:
    • white envelope of show tickets
    • tickets envelopes for the Opening/Closing (either in the Bill Heard Theater or in the Springer Opera House for the Opening/Closing closed circuit) with ribbons already sorted per individual
    • a folder with conference information and EdTA information.
    • Pathway to Prizes sheets for each adult in the troupe. 

Security & Badges

All attendees must wear their name badge at all times while at conference. No one, including bus drivers or chaperones, will be allowed in our conference venues without a badge. This is for the safety of all our students.

Troupe Directors: Remember to bring two copies of the Agreement Froms for all of your attendees. One copy goes in the neck wallets of each attendee. The other copy stays with you, on your person, at all times throughout the conference. If you were asked to make changes or additions to any Agreement Forms during the registration process, be sure that you have followed through.  

I.E.s in New Venue

All I.E.s will take place in a new venue, St Luke Ministry Center (Building B). You will want to look at our map on Guidebook to make sure you schedule enough time to walk. Columbus State University is providing a trolley that will be available for those who may need assistance. The trolly will have two stops; one at the intersection of Front Ave and 9th street and the other at the St Luke Ministry Center. 


Make sure students have all audition materials prepared and that they have put their call times into your schedule in Guidebook! Email if you have any questions! 


Please note that workshop changes are made and published in Guidebook. Continually review the guide for the most up-to-date schedule.

If you are planning on attending any of Ashley Ware’s partner lifts workshops, you must have the Release of Liability Agreement form signed by your parents and ready to turn in at the beginning of class. This form is located on the GAThespians Website.

Passport to Prizes

“Passports” for fun prizes are located in your School Packet. Troupe directors or adults from your school may also pick them up from the Vendor table located in the North Exhibit Hall of the Trade Center (where all of the Vendor and College tables are located). Visit each of our Vendor booths listed on the “Passport” and get your “Passport” stamped. After all spaces are filled in, place your completed form in the prize box located in the Vendor area. There will be drawings for a variety of exciting prizes at noon on Saturday, February 9th, 2019, in the Trade Center lobby. You must be present to win (or someone from your troupe)! Don’t miss this opportunity to win great prizes for you and your troupe!


ThesCon has gone mobile! Make sure you encourage your troupe to download our digital conference guide. Conference and event schedules, maps, and reminders.

If you would like a paper-copy of our workshop schedule, we encourage you to print a copy of this PDF:

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