The Improv! event is a vibrant, rollicking good time with talented improvisers from all over Georgia entertaining a ballroom full of audience members. This year, because of our virtual space, Improv! will look a little different.

The Improv! event is open to any troupe registered for and attending the Georgia Thespian Conference. A troupe will enter a team of four (4) performers, and can enter multiple teams if they so choose. Each team entered should complete the Registration Form and submit the event fee.

Each team will submit a total of five (5) videos:

  • Introduction video (max length: 3 minutes)
    In this video, the team members should introduce their team name, and each of their members. Otherwise, the introduction can be as creative as teams wish.
  • Round 1: Gibberish Translation (max length: 5 minutes)
  • Round 2: Emotional Objects (max length: 5 minutes)
  • Round 3: Director’s Cut (max length: 7 minutes)
  • Round 4: Growing Shrinking Scene (max length: 7 minutes)

The Improv! Competition will involve teams competing through four (4) rounds of competition until one team is pronounced the winner. Judging of the teams will incorporate scores by a panel of judges, as well as a voting option for registered ThesCon attendees.

Performance videos should not include a large amount of editing; at most, a title card introducing the team and the game can be added (but is not required). However, sound and video quality should be maximized. Video of game play should not be edited together from separate takes, but should be one single continuous shot. Composition of each video – wide angle shots, close-ups, etc. – are at the discretion of each team, but should ensure that all appropriate performance aspects of the scene/game are visible. Teams are welcome to have an audience present during filming. All school, district, state, and federal recommendations regarding personal protection and social distancing requirements should be employed when filming.

Descriptions, playing tips, and video examples of the four competitive games can be found here.