This event nurtures original student-written musicals from the page to the stage. The program staff will choose one new work to be developed at Georgia Thespian Conference. Professional stage and music directors will help workshop and stage one selected submission with student actors.  


Writers must be active members of the International Thespian Society enrolled in high school during the current school year. All finalists must be available to attend the upcoming Georgia Thespian Conference as well as attend the Musicalworks event at the conference.

Submission Guidelines

Musicals must be the original work of no more than two Thespian writers. Adaptations won’t be considered, nor will musicals that include music, lyrics, or dialogue written by anyone other than the submitting writers. Musicals can be about any subject but should have a running time of 20 minutes or less (approximately 20 typed pages, including lyrics). Writers may submit more than one musical for consideration.

Scripts should be typed and emailed to, along with the required MP3 file. Submissions must be done in 12-font using the format posted on the MusicalWorks page of the website. Please download and include the Entry Submission Page. Also include a Cast List which briefly describes the characters. These two pages will not count as pages of your script. 

Submission will not be accepted without the inclusion of the Principal/Troupe Director sign off document, which is part of the Entry Submission Page. This should be the first page of your submission. 


Writers will be required to submit:

1) a script (12-point type required)
2) a full audio recording of their submission in its entirety (not to exceed 20 minutes), and
3) individual audio recordings of each musical number (instrumental only). 

Full audio submission must include all spoken text and musical numbers. A cappella recordings will not be considered, unless the entire piece was composed to be performed a cappella. 

All submitted MP3 files must include a Guide Vocal Track and Lead Sheet. Guide Vocal Track will be used in music rehearsals with volunteer performers, while Lead Sheet will be used for stage reading and workshopping. 

Please see Formatting Requirement.

MusicalWorks Event at Conference

One selected piece from submitted works will be presented as a prerecorded staged reading at the conference. The playwright(s) will be contacted by December 11, 2020 and announced at the January LeadCon. The lead committee member for the event will collaborate with volunteer actors to bring the text to life. Audience members will observe the readings and participate in a guided talk-back. The reading and talk-back process may be attended by any conference attendee. 

This selected piece will also be eligible for competition at the ITF level.



All work is protected by copyright from the moment it’s created. Writers own their musicals and have exclusive control of the rights to produce, publish, and adapt them. By submitting work to Thespian Musicalworks, you agree to allow the GA Thespians (at its discretion) to mount a staged reading of your musical. All other rights remain the exclusive property of the writer.

Qualification for ITF (if event is live in 2021): 

The New Works for PlayWorks and MusicalWorks shown at ThesCon will be awarded eligibility to compete on the International level. If  the script is chosen by ITF, registration fees, which include room and board as well as admission to all ITF events, will be covered by ITF. 

Submissions selected by ITF will also be eligible for a travel reimbursement to aid with their travel to ITF, up to $400. Committee members will contact the selected writers about this process.