Thespy Playwriting

This program is an opportunity for Georgia Thespians to see their original scripts workshopped with a professional director or playwright. One submitted selection will be chosen to participate in a staged reading, including an audience talkback session at ThesCon. 


Writers must be active members of the International Thespian Society enrolled in high school during the current school year. The selected finalist must be registered to attend the upcoming Georgia Thespian Conference as well as attend the Thespy Playwriting event. 

Submission Guidelines

Plays must be the original work of a single Thespian writer. Collaborative works or adaptations won’t be considered, nor will plays that include music, lyrics, or dialogue written by anyone other than the submitting writer. Plays can be about any subject but should have a running time of up to 10 minutes (approximately ten typed pages). Writers may submit more than one play for consideration. Judging criteria is based on play structure, characterization, and dialogue. Play scripts must be typed and emailed to Submissions must be done in 12-font using the format posted on the Thespy Playwriting website.

Please download, complete, and attach the Entry Cover Sheet document to the email. Include a Cast List which briefly describes the characters. The Title Page and the Cast List page don’t count as one of your pages of script.

Script Support

Teachers and students are welcome to utilize the Playwriting Unit Plan as a tool to get started writing. This unit plan coordinates with the Georgia Standards of Excellence in both the theatre standards and the newly introduced Dramatic Writing with ELA course. The unit is designed for new and emerging playwrights to build the skills that are essential for creating successful plays. It consists of writing exercises and smaller projects that culminate in the writing of a one act play suitable for admission in the Thespy Playwriting competition.

Thespy Playwriting Event at Conference

One selected piece from submitted works will be presented as a live staged reading at the conference. The playwright(s) will be contacted in December and announced at the January LeadCon. The lead committee member for the event will collaborate with volunteer actors to bring the text to life. Audience members will observe the readings and participate in a guided talk-back. The reading and talk-back process may be attended by any conference attendee.


Your work is protected by copyright from the moment it is created. As the writer, you own the play and have exclusive control of the rights to produce, publish, and adapt it. By submitting your script to the Georgia Thespian PlayWorks program, you are agreeing to allow Georgia Thespians to mount a staged reading of your play.  All other rights remain the exclusive property of the playwright.

Qualification for ITF

EDTA is currently making changes to the Thespy Playwriting event for the 2022 International Thescon. The committee chair will be in contact with all Thespy Playwriting participants who qualify for the international event with more information. It is the responsibility of the troupe director to submit plays for the international festival.