Tech Challenge

The Tech Challenge is a series of events that are designed to test your knowledge of basic skills that every technician should have. The combination of team and individual events underline the principle that theatre technicians work alone and in ensemble groups depending on the required task in order to make the production successful. In technical theatre both time and accuracy are critical to a successful outcome. As artists we demand excellence in the tasks we are given, but as technicians we also have to perform the tasks quickly and efficiently so as not to disrupt the production process.  

Your team should consist of four members.

We anticipate that the events will be:

  1. Lighting:  Hanging And Focusing a Source 4 (individual event)
  2. Costumes: Quick Change (individual event)
  3. Stagecraft: Knot Tying (individual event)
  4. Stagecraft: Leg a Platform (team event)
  5. Stagecraft: Drop Fold (team event)
  6. Stagecraft:  Props Shift (team event)