Tech Challenge

The goal of this event is to provide an opportunity for theatre student to exhibit their abilities in the technical production environment. Production skills and collaboration are required to efficiently accomplish each task.

Although the 2021 event may look a little different, we wanted to make sure that we had an event organized for our amazing Technical Students across the state.


Each school may send one team composed of four members with at least one representative of each gender. A team must be comprised of only thespians from one school.


Each team may send in ONE video per event that represents the team’s best efforts. Each video must contain the phrase “Your time starts NOW!” to represent the start of the timer and “Time!” to represent the end of the timer.

Schools may record each event as many times as needed and may choose to send in the video of their fastest time.

Each video must follow the “in person” tech challenge rules and use a starting and ending point if needed. Please make sure the team is behind the starting point and behind the end point is seen in your video. 

Please use a tripod and a whole group shot in the center of the frame for each event.


Each team will compete together for the drape fold, prop shift, and leg a platform. From your team, you will choose which student participates in the individual events of knot tying, and costume quick change. Light hang and focus will not be an event this year. Each event will be timed and penalties recorded by the judge. There will be an overall second and first place team as well as a first place for each event. See video guides for more information.

  • Knot Tying
  • Drop Fold
  • Costume Quick Change
  • Prop Shift
  • Leg a Platform


The entry form and fee is due on or before the deadline. No entries will be accepted after that time. All payments should be made to Georgia Thespians. All entry fees are non-refundable. See entry form for more details.

Video Due Date

Please upload your videos to YouTube and email the link for your videos to by the December 11th deadline.


Leg a Platform

  • Any size platform and legs can be used.
  • Hex bolts with washers and nuts
  • 2 wrenches and 2 socket wrenches must be used.

Drop Fold

  • King Sized FLAT sheet or small drop if you have it.

Knot Tie

  • Any type/ size of rope may be used
  • After you call time in your video, please show a close up of each knot tied.

Prop Shift

A two piece place setting change to a two piece place setting must include plates silverware centerpiece and table cloth. See the video listed on the Tech Challenge page.

Costume Quick Change

One costume to another costume. The costume that will be changed in to must be hanging on a costume rack. At minimum the change must include one full body costume (think Victorian Dress) to another full body costume (think flapper dress). The original costume must be placed back on the rack on a hanger. Change must include shoes.

All start lines should be at least 5 feet away.