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Please review the Georgia Thespian Code of Conduct.

Conference Agreement Form

This form must be completed in full for each attendee (students and adults) attending any Georgia Thespians event.
Click here to view and submit your form.


All-State Theatre and Jr. Opening Number

For high school thespians: Click here for more information about All-State Theatre.
For middle school performers: Click here for more information regarding Jr. Opening Number.


Scholarship & Auditioning

Each year Georgia Thespians offers $24,500 in college scholarships to twelve senior Thespians. Scholarship auditions are held at the Georgia Thespian Conference each year. Read more…
(For high school Thespians)


State Thespian Officers

For high school Thespians: Click here for more information about our STO and candidacy opportunities.

Conference Grants

Georgia Thespian Conference Grants are available for students who have financial difficulty and for whom free conference registration would be beneficial. The application must be submitted before the deadline. Students awarded grants will be notified via email. Recipients will be credited with the grant online when the troupe registers or shortly thereafter, depending on the time of registration.
Click here for more information.
(For high school and middle school Thespians)


Student Achievement Award

Recognize students who exemplify the ideals of the Georgia Thespians. To be eligible, for either award, a candidate must be in good standing with the International Thespian Society and an active member of his/her school Thespian Troupe. Click here for more information.
(For high school and middle school Thespians)