Join us for the best three days of high school theatre in Georgia. Click here for more information.


LeadCon, short for Leadership Conference, gives opportunities to promote and develop student leadership in Georgia’s Thespian troupes. We invite you to bring all your high school troupe leaders. Click here for more information.

Honor Troupes

Georgia Thespians has created the “Georgia Thespian Honor Troupe” program to recognize those troupes that do tremendous work in their school and community and achieve a high level of excellence, both on and off stage. There is no limit on the number of troupes who can apply each year. Click here for more information.

Conference Grants for students

Georgia Thespian Conference Grants are available for students who have financial difficulty and for whom free conference registration would be beneficial. The application must be submitted before the deadline. Students awarded grants will be notified via email. Recipients will be credited with the grant online when the troupe registers or shortly thereafter, depending on the time of registration. Click here for more information.

Theatre Competitions (not affiliated with Georgia Thespians)