Weekly ThesCon Updates 2


Soon you should be able to check the call sheets for all auditions you are a part of. Also make sure you have checked our “Audition Tips” section of the website for what you need to prepare for your audition! If you have any IE or show conflicts, or have a question about what to prepare, email scholarships@gathespians.org! 

Adult Volunteers

We are looking for Troupe Directors to be part of our House Management Team and our Security Team. If you could spare a few hours during the conference and are willing to help please email paul.hampton@gathespians.org for more information.

Individual Events

Individual Events that have been posted on the website will be on Guidebook soon. If there have been withdrawals or other corrections, these will show on the Guidebook schedule and not the website. If you have any questions about your I. E.s or the schedule, please contact Cece Conrath, GA Thespians I.E. Coordinator at cece.conrath@gathespians.org.

ThesCon’s Got Talent

ThesCon’s Got Talent deadline is today! Access the form here. Show us your talent!

Updated: Jan. 22, 2019

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