Workshops & Guest Artists


Teaching Resiliency: Mindfulness in the Theatre Classroom

Based on techniques from the Benson-Henry Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital, learn mindful, theatrical practices to make your theatrical classroom and productions an emotionally safe environment. Explore techniques and routines to ease rehearsal processes, combat stage fright, and how to help students cope and come out of emotionally challenging material.

Production Management Through Dramaturgy

A new dramaturgy workshop exploring techniques to empower students as proactive, creative contributors in developing a show. Learn techniques for effective production tablework, differentiating actor training, and design management.

Presenter – Jessica Harms is currently the director of theatre at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School in Acton, MA, and a theatre arts curriculum writer for the College Board. An award-winning director, her productions have earned the state award for best production five times. In 2014, she established the Massachusetts Thespians Chapter where she currently serves as state chapter director. She received her Masters in Theatre Education from Emerson College.

Movement And Choreography

Beginning Movement And Choreography For Musical Theatre

You will learn the fundamental principles of dance/movememnt and choreography. In this active workshop, you will be up on your feet learning basic dance steps, movement, and creative picturization to enhance any dance break or production number.

Advanced Movement And Choreography For Musical Theatre

You will put your knowledge to the test. This workshop is all about implementation and telling the story through movement. In this active workshop, attendees will work in small groups using basic dance steps, movement, and creative picturization to choreograph a short segment of a dance break. These small group performances will act as the centerpiece for discussion where we will take a closer look and share different tactics to strengthen their work.

Presenter – Richard Frazier is new Artistic Director of Theatre Macon; a non-profit theatre located in Historic Downtown Macon. Formerly, he served as the choreographer/dance educator at Northside High School (WR) for seven years. Richard has been choreographing and dancing for more than sixteen years and has worked in schools and theatres all over Georgia. He has taught choreography and dance workshops for the iTheatrics Junior Theatre Festival, International Thespian Festival, National China Young Thespian Festival, Georgia Thespian Conference, Georgia Junior Thespian Conference, and Georgia Theatre Conference. Richard has worked with the Georgia Thespian All-State Show for ten years and has served as the Choreographer for seven.


Show Me the Money

How to create a curriculum that enhances scholarships and college acceptance in the Arts.


Show Me the Money… Part 2 Making it Easier for the Teacher

Now that you have gotten the basic aspects of how to work scholarship training into your curriculum… how to do you do all of the rest? This workshop is for those teachers that have built a strong foundation for scholarship success but need tips on sustaining the process. Organizing parental support and information sharing. Teaching the students to be responsible for their own scholarships. How to use your scholarship to bring attention to your program as well as using it to build your program. How to advise college and university choices without stepping on parental toes and considering financial needs.

Presenter – Jamie Stephenson has been a theatre teacher in Alabama for 15 years. Her experience with scholarships and helping students navigate the financial maze of college taught her how to help her own students win scholarships. She developed this workshop to begin teaching techniques she has learned throughout the years.

Stage Makeup

Stage Makeup: Basic to Brilliant

Even though we will start with the why’s and how’s of makeup application. I guarantee that you will learn things you never knew that you never knew. As a Licensed Esthetician, makeup, hygiene, and skin care are very important to me. You will learn simple yet effective strategies to building and maintaining a hygienic group makeup kit. We will walk through the steps of a complete character makeup application.

Stage Makeup II: A Deeper Understanding

With unique new shows up for licensing come special makeup challenges. Beast, Ursula, Edna Turnblad, Shrek, Phantom, Genie, Lion, and Tin Man, just to name a few. It’s time to brush up on your specialty makeup skills. Las Vegas Prosthetic Makeup Artist Warren Holz breaks down the process of some of Broadway’s most notable makeup designs into easy to understand steps. We will start from intricate contouring and move to understanding more complex options such as 3 dimensional and prosthetic pieces.

Presenter – Warren Holz has been a theatrical and prosthetic makeup artist for over 30 years. He was the head of the hair and makeup department at the Regional ‘Lagoon’ Amusement Park as well as the course instructor and makeup department head at the University of Utah before relocating to Las Vegas. Warren worked with the wigs and prosthetics for the six-and-a-half year run of Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular. Warren currently heads the hair and makeup department at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, regularly collaborating with Broadway touring companies.

Scenic Painting

Scene Painting the Easy Way

Painting a set can be daunting, so for the next 90 minutes you will learn how to break it down into manageable pieces. Learn the basics including wood grain, stone, 2-D texturing, and much more.

Advanced Scene Painting

Delve into more detail with tromp l’oeil, layout, sculpting, 3-D texturing, and much more.

Presenter – Kimberly Manuel has been involved in theatre in one form or another for 20+ years. For the past three years she’s been a freelance scenic artist at the Des Moines Community Playhouse.


Teaching Accents: The Basics

Accents and dialects are a crucial part of the actor’s toolkit, but they can also be terrifying. This workshop will strip away those fears and show you how to teach accents in ways that is fun and engaging. You will learn how to break down an accent into key elements, and how to communicate accent ideas to your students. You might even learn a new accent yourself!

Teaching Accents Level Two: The Next Steps

Level Two of Teaching Accents will prepare you for dealing with accents both in class and on stage. You will first review the basics, including how to break down an accent into key elements, then you will start working with more advanced techniques to help you guide your students towards total accent integration. This workshop will strip away any accent fears!

Presenter – Adam Michael Rose is a Los Angeles-based dialect coach and teaching artist. He’s coached all over the world, including stage (Mary Poppins, Newsies, Noises Off, Peter and the Starcatcher), and film/TV (ABC’s American Crime starring Felicity Huffman). Adam has been a guest artist at festivals throughout the country (GA, TX, MD, CA, NV, OR, ITF/Lincoln), and he’s a member of EdTA, VASTA, SAG-AFTRA, and AEA.


Projections 101: Getting Started in Your Theatre Program

In Projections 101, you will learn how to get started today using digital projection backdrops in your school performances. Starting with the fundamentals, you will gather all the basics for getting set up in spaces of all types and sizes. Group activities will open up your mind to new creative possibilities for working with digital environments on stage. “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.”

Making It Gel: Projections as a Part of Scenic Design

Is Projection Design just a gimmick or special effect? Not a chance! In this workshop you will learn how to integrate projections into your show and existing scenic design in a way that tells a story beautifully on stage. You will also learn how to level-up from the basics and begin creating professional-looking digital environments in your theatrical space.

Presenter – Mitch Stark is the Founding Creative Director at and a professional projection designer. He has designed digital projection backdrops for theatre and ballet companies internationally, for productions such as Willy Wonka, Swan Lake, The Wizard of Oz, Annie, The Lion King, and beyond. Mitch earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Ball State University, where he studied art, design, and computer animation.


Jokers Belong With Batman

Using the rules of improvisation (and yes, there are “rules”) is not only vital to creating spontaneous theatre, problem solving in the moment, and building confidence in imaginative storytelling, but can be invaluable in all aspects of life. If you are allowing improv to only be related to comedy, or using it as a “reward”, then you aren’t using it to its full potential. This highly interactive workshop will challenge and inspire you with ways to engage today’s 21st Century learners by turning value-based learning into a social experience.

Stop playing Freeze Tag! The Why and How of Teaching Improvisation

WHY are you using improv in your classroom? WHY are you choosing certain games and exercises over others? If your answer is “Because the kids like it”, then this is the workshop you didn’t know you needed. Unless you can give two to three skills each game and exercise helps improve, then you are just wasting time. Prepare to be challenged, and prepare to come out of this workshop with a complete restructuring of your use of improvisation.

Presenter – Known around the world for her innovative approach to teaching improvisation, Missy Whitis is currently teaching at the University of Cincinnati’s Conservatory of Music, where she is instructing all types of majors in the ways of not only improv, but television and screenwriting. Missy is a two-time cancer survivor, sought out by teachers across campus, and across the country, to speak on creating a classroom culture, and imaginative ways to connect students to the course curriculum.


Standards in the Theatre Classroom

This workshop discusses the current theatre standards including how and why they were adjusted from the last version of GA standards and the similarities and differences to The National Core Standards for theatre. It also addresses how the standards can be adapted to work with existing county curriculum and lesson plans in the classroom.

Presenter – Paul McClain is an actor and performing arts educator located in the Metro Atlanta area with an MFA in Theatrical Performance from the University of Florida. He is currently the Theatre Program Director at Northview High School in Johns Creek and a Fine Arts Support Teacher with Fulton County. Over the past five years he has served as lead curriculum writer for theatre in Fulton County as well as the team lead writer for the state standards in theatre.


Tips, Tricks, and Tools Using Google Apps for Education and Web 2.0 Tools in the Classroom

Discover GAFE (Google Apps for Education)and Web 2.0 tools that enhance engagement in the classroom. Students will be on task when offered choices for completing projects or assignments. Students will enjoy learning as they prepare for the 21st century job market. (Bring your laptop and phone to the workshop)

Google Apps, Features, Tips, Tricks, Add-ons and more

Change the way you work, share, communicate and collaborate with Google Apps and add-ons and Web 2.0. We’ll explore hidden secrets and the latest must-have add-ons, and you’ll have a chance to share your favorites, too. (Bring your laptop and phone to the workshop)

Presenter –  Dean Feldan was the Teacher of the Year at Meadowcreek, Collins Hill, and Peachtree Ridge High School. He was inducted into the GA Thespian and International Thespian Hall of Fame. In the Spring of 2015, Mr. Feldman retired from teaching theatre after 27 years. He is currently the Tech Coach at Peachtree Ridge High School. Mr. Feldman is excited about starting his 30th year as an educator this Fall.


A Theatre Teacher’s Guide to Directing the School Musical

This on-your-feet, skill-building workshop explores proven methods for successfully putting on your next musical. Topics include how to structure rehearsals for maximum learning, how to collaborate with music teachers and others, plus techniques for quickly staging musical numbers by harnessing the power of your students. So get your jazz hands ready, we’re bringing some direct from Broadway razzle dazzle to the Georgia Theatre Educators Conference.

Presenter – Timothy Allen McDonald

Keynote Speaker

Timothy Allen McDonald is the Founder and CEO of iTheatrics and the Junior Theater Festival, a co-author of the iTheatrics Method, the world’s first textbook focused on musical theater education, and the lead adapter of over 100 musicals. These adaptations include all shows in Music Theatre International’s Broadway Junior Collection and School Edition titles, Tams Witmark’s Young Performers’ Editions, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Getting To Know Series, and Samuel French’s 101 editions. For more information, logon to