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Our mission is to promote excellence for Georgia students and teachers by providing growth and leadership opportunities.

ThesCon 2022

ThesCon 2022 Details 2022 Scholarship RecipientsConference ScheduleConference ShowsWorkshop Schedule gridThespy Showcase Announcement:Yellow TrackBlue TrackThespys: check both schedules Schedule 1- Performance for Blue track- Acting for...

Junior ThesCon 2022

Junior ThesCon 2022  The 2022 Georgia Junior Thespian Conference will be held on February 26, 2022 in Columbus, GA. "Seize the Day: The Future Depends...


The Chapter Board members of Georgia Thespians are dedicated to providing excellent conference experiences for our attendees (students, teachers, working artists/presenters, adjudicators, and chaperones) while, at the same time, keeping attendee safety as a top priority.