All-State Theatre

Stronger Together

Here are the ways you can participate.

  1.   Each troupe can send two students to audition individually (see audition information for specifics)
  2.  A troupe director can choose to rehearse one of the numbers listed under group numbers at their school and send in a video (see audition information for specifics)

A troupe can send 2 individual students to audition and a group number if they would like.

Troupe directors must register their two auditioning students on the Individual Audition Form. They must fill out the Group Submission form for group numbers.

Individual Auditions due September 26th by 11:59 pm. (form and video submitted)

Group Numbers from schools will be due November 20th by 11:59 pm (form and video submitted)

Please read the Audition Information Below for details.  

Auditioning for All-State Theatre Opening Production

Virtual Edition 2021

We are so excited about this year’s virtual show entitled, “Stronger Together “.

Here are the ways you can participate.

·      Each student must be a thespian.

·      Each troupe can send two students to audition and/or choose to rehearse one of the numbers listed under group numbers and send in a video.

  1. Individual Audition Option (each troupe may send 2 only). (This is due by Lead Con September 26th at 11:59 pm).
  • Have your troupe director fill out the form once you have completed your submission video because you must include the link to the video on your form.
  •      Each student may send a video that contains the singing, dancing or acting audition. Please shoot your audition video with good lighting, in a quiet space, and with the camera/phone turned horizontally…
  •    Auditionee please do your introduction before you start sharing your pieces by including…

Hello, my name is ________________.  Today I will be performing (song) from (show title), a monologue from (show title) and will dance for you.

  •  You may choose to just sing, to just act or to just dance just be sure to start with your name and then what you will be doing in order.

Your audition videos are due by September 26th by 11:59 pm.  You will upload your video to youtube or other place and will include the link to your video on the Individual Audition form.

A.    Singing-Please sing 30 to 45 seconds of a musical theatre style song that shows off your voice and your vocal range. 

B.    Acting- Please prepare a 1 minute or less monologue from a play or online source that you feel best shows your acting style and personality.  It can be comedic or dramatic. 

C.     Dancing- Please prepare a 1 minute or less dance combination that shows off your style of dance. 

  •   Please remember that this is an audition process and done in a virtual format.  We will select students based on their audition video and have them participate in certain aspects of the performance that best suit them. Not all students will be selected.  We will contact individuals that we would like to use with specific details as to what they need to do next. EXAMPLE:  You would receive practice tracks and instructions to participate in the Virtual Chorus Aspect.  DEADLINES are very important in order to get this content done.  Please note that you may have to participate in Zoom meetings to participate, because this is how you will be contacted and directed in your pieces.  

Once all audition forms and videos are submitted you will receive an email, within 10 days, telling you if you have been selected to be a part of the production…

From these auditions we are looking for…

  • Soloists and ensemble singers to participate in 1 of 2 virtual chorus type numbers for the opening or the closing ceremony
  • Soloists who sing solo numbers
  • Actors who play the 4 teens in the story line
  • And dancers to be featured as part of one of the songs
  1. Group Numbers (Submitted on November 20) 
  • Troupe directors will need to submit the Group Form that includes the video link for your group video.  

Your troupe (all participants need to be thespians) may choose to rehearse and prepare one of the numbers below and record it.  Please wear all black in your recording.  If your video is selected it will be used in the actual virtual production as is (with a few possible adjustments).  You may just video your performance in a continual fashion or you can film it in a more elaborate way and splice it together.  This is a great place to use your tech students to help with the filming and editing part of your video.  Your tech students could also do lighting for your piece.  We will screen all of the pieces that we receive and select the version of the song that best represents what we are looking for in the context of the show.  Not all videos submitted will be chosen.  It is not guaranteed that all of these songs will be used.

Please be sure that your lighting is good, that you film in a quiet place, that the sound quality is great and that we can see as many faces as possible.  Please film horizontally and not vertically. 

Choose one of these songs…

Please use Karaoke tracks with no guided vocals. Try to use the highest quality track you can find.  There are versions on youtube or you can purchase them.

Spread the Love Around– Sister Act (The karaoke with the official logo has the best quality sound on youtube.)

Part of the Human Heart- Once on this Island (The Junior version is on Youtube)

Seize the Day– Newsies (Feel Free to do one of the shortened karaoke versions on youtube if you want.)

Wheels of a Dream- Ragtime (There is an ok track on youtube)

Remember that these songs are taken out of the context of the show they are from, so feel free to step out of the box when creating your piece!