State Thespian Officers

A Georgia State Thespian Officer (STO) is an elected freshman, sophomore or junior thespian to serve as a student leader for the Georgia Chapter Board. Throughout the year, the STO board containing 9 exemplary student leaders across the state, have a variety of responsibilities throughout the year focused on advocacy for the Arts and Georgia Thespians, fundraising for Georgia Thespian Conference Grants and BCEFA, engagement with current Thespians, and planning/executing/leading events for the Georgia Thespian Conference each year. In Georgia, we believe our students have a powerful voice and amazing student leadership abilities that we know are necessary for the success of our organization. We are looking forward to working with YOU!

How do I become an STO?

If you are interested in becoming an STO, please read all the information on our website for STOs and read the Georgia State Thespian Officer and Election Information Guide located on the website. Reading these materials will provide a better understanding of the process to become an STO. If you have any questions please email and

The incoming STOs were elected on January 4, 2020, and they will serve during the 2020 – 2021 school year. Your incoming STO are:

David Brown is a senior at Davidson Fine Arts, Troupe 3782. Currently, he is President of his class and school’s improv troupe, but outside of school David likes hanging out with friends, shopping until he’s bankrupt, and creating art. He is so excited and thankful to be a part of this year’s STO board. He can’t wait to work with his fellow board members and have an amazing conference!

Ana Buchan is a senior at Mount Paran Christian School and President of Troupe 7619. She is thrilled to be serving as a State Thespian Officer for GA Thespians. When not at rehearsals, she is playing flute, cooking, or watching minecraft streams. The only things that come close to her love for performing are her love for One Direction and sweet potato fries. Ana is beyond humbled to serve as one of your 2021-2022 STOs and is looking forward to this year!

Noah Caplan is a senior at Lakeview Academy, Troupe 3630. In addition to his role as STO, he is also serving as the Lakeview Academy Student Body President and as Co-President of his troupe. Outside of the fine arts and student government, Noah loves running, reading, and going to exotic international restaurants with his friends and family. He is honored to be serving as an STO, and is thoroughly excited to help create an incredible conference!

Annalia Clifton is a Senior at Pope High School, Troupe 4448. She is currently serving as president of her troupe’s leadership team. When she isn’t performing, you can find her singing, dancing, and studying different acting techniques! Outside of theatre, she enjoys going on hikes with friends and listening to her vinyl collection! She is beyond humbled and excited to serve as a State Thespian Officer, and cannot wait to make Thescon 2022 an unforgettable one!

Anjali David is a senior at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School and is happily serving as president for Troupe 6509. When she isn’t working on a new drama event, she’s most likely baking cookies, rocking out on her guitar, or gushing over animation. She loves music (especially Taylor Swift’s 2020 albums or Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR), reading, and working on her various novellas.  Anjali is very excited to help make Thescon 2022 the best it can be!

George-Henry Ewers (GH) is a Senior at Gainesville High School, Troupe 2445. He gratefully serves as a Co-President and Choreographer. Whenever he is not with his fellow Thespians, he can be found running, biking, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. He loves watching Marvel movies, traveling to see car races, and afternoons on the lake with friends. George-Henry is blessed and honored to serve you this year on the STO Board. He strives to touch the lives of his fellow Thespians and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Inaara Jadavji is a senior at Northview High School, Troupe 6577. She is currently president of her troupe and is beyond excited to serve on the STO Board this year! Outside of her theatre involvement, she spends her time screlting at the top of her lungs and watching far too many cheesy rom-coms. She loves hiking, curling up with a good book, and obsessing over Twilight. She is honored to have the privilege of working with these wonderful people and hopes to make this year’s conference one to remember!

Isabelle Lovejoy is a Senior IB student at Marietta High School, troupe 111. She currently serves as Vice President of her troupe, as well as Publicity Chair of her Student Body, Publicity Chair of the Marietta Diversity Club, a staff writer on the school newspaper, and an Executive Council member of the Equality Now Initiative. When not working with these groups or in rehearsals, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching Disney movies, and learning about astrology (she’s a taurus)! Isabelle is thrilled and honored to serve as an STO and work with the amazing board members for the 2021-2022 school year!

Lainey Lyle is a junior at North Oconee High School, Troupe 7047. She currently serves as a member of the drama club round table, choral officer, and Titan ambassador. When she’s not at rehearsal, Lainey enjoys driving with her friends, catching up on reading, or playing with her dog Clio. She is incredibly excited to serve as a State Thespian Officer and work with the rest of her board for a wonderful ThesCon!