ThesCon Safety & Security Guidelines

(Updated for the 2024 Georgia Thespian and Junior Thespian Conferences)

Thespian Conference attendees remain subject to the rules and guidelines of their respective schools while at conference. The Troupe Director and the troupe’s chaperones are responsible for their students at all times. Troupe Directors and chaperones are expected to actively supervise students. It is recommended that Troupe Directors know where their students are at all times.

[If the Troupe Director has to leave the conference due to an emergency, the Troupe Director must visit Conference Registration before leaving and report who will assume responsibility for the Troupe’s attendees.]

The security staff will be stationed at the Conference Registration area in the Trade Center and may be reached by cell phone at 229.343.2234.


Conference name badges must be worn above the waist at all times, at all events. Badges must remain visible. Nothing should be affixed to a badge that covers the ID information. A copy of each participant’s conference Agreement Form is to be placed in the participant’s name badge. Conference participants may not swap badges.

The ID badge is an official conference document and may not be altered in any way. Altering the information on an ID badge may result in dismissal from the conference. 


Only registered conference participants are allowed to attend conference events. Any visiting parent or guest must report first to the registration table. People at conferences venues without the proper credentials or identification will be reported to law enforcement.


  •  Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned OFF and put away when in the theaters. Texting is not allowed in performance spaces.
  • Audience members should respond appropriately to the performances on stage. While performers should be cheered and applauded, the audience’s reaction should never distract performers or keep other audience members from enjoying the show.
  • Beverages and food are not allowed inside theaters or lobby areas.
  • Conference attendees must not run or push others in lobby or theater areas.
  • When entering a theater, audiences should take their seats as quickly and not crowd the aisles or rows.
  • No one should step over seats to get to another row or place their feet on the seats.
  • Conference participants should never leave a theater during a performance—except in emergency situations. Those who do leave a theater during a performance will not be allowed to re-enter.
  • Hats should be removed in the theatres.
  • Photography and video recording of any kind is never allowed inside a theater at any time.
  • Participants who are nauseated or ill should not enter a theater but remain in the lobby.


Students and adults attending workshops are to be respectful and courteous to workshop presenters at all times. Those attending workshops are expected to be participatory and attentive. Workshop attendees should never leave a workshop before it has ended. If the workshop presenter agrees, students and adults may enter a workshop late.


Students are expected to attend all conference events for which they are scheduled.


Students who consume or are under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at any time during the conference will be dismissed from the conference immediately at their own expense. School principals will be notified of any instances of drug or alcohol use.


Smoking, tobacco use and vaping are not allowed by anyone at any time, in or around any conference venue. Student who use tobacco products at conference will be reported to the Troupe Directors.


The state laws concerning weapons at school events will be strictly enforced. Students with weapons of any kind—including toy weapons—will be turned over to law enforcement officials.


Individual school dress codes remain in effect at the conference. Participants should dress appropriately for all events, including workshops.


Participants are not to bring musical instruments to conference sites. (Unscheduled musical performances at conference sites are not allowed and must be approved in advance by the Chapter Director.) Conference attendees are not allowed to possess fireworks, candles, incense, water pistols, toy guns, balls, Frisbees, skateboards, roller skates, “heelys,” or other such items and materials that might be deemed dangerous or distracting.


Students should stay in the areas designated as conference venues. College dorms are off-limits to all participants. Climbing the train trestle is strictly prohibited. The unlighted areas along the riverbank behind the Trade Center off-limits.


Participants are not allowed to distribute or post any materials or information without permission from the Chapter Director of the conference.


Troupe Directors are expected to enforce their individual school’s hotel guidelines. Participants must always be respectful of other hotel guests.


First Aid is not provided by the Georgia Thespian Conference. Troupe directors and chaperones are responsible for ill students. Students who are ill at the conference should be sent home. 

Troupe directors and/or chaperones should call 911 for ill troupe members when deemed necessary. The information needed for 911 calls—the 911 addresses for each venue—has been printed in the conference program and posted on the mobile guide. The 911 dispatchers require the actual street address in order to respond. Participants requiring treatment from paramedics/physicians and/or transport by ambulance do so at their own expense.


Troupe Directors and chaperones may report to the Security Staff the name and school of any participant who violates these guidelines. The Security Staff will contact the violator’s Troupe Director. If the violation is deemed severe, the violation will be reported to the Chapter Director. At his discretion, the Chapter Director may contact the violator’s principal and/or dismiss the violator from the conference at the violator’s own expense.

The Georgia Thespian Chapter Director and Chapter Board reserve the right to amend and/or institute at any time any necessary rule or regulation not stipulated here to provide for the safety and general welfare of the conference participants.

All conference participants will sign the Agreement Form indicating acknowledgment of these guidelines.


The following rules apply to the Junior Conference being held at Georgia Military College:

Georgia Military College Rules Specially for Junior Conference

  • Please stay off the grass.  Please always use the sidewalks.
  • Please only cross at the crosswalks.  There will be a crossing guard there.
  • Please be careful with all metal water bottles in the CFL (theatre space) because the floors and the walls are made of breakable material.  If you have another kind of water, please consider bringing it instead.
  • Please wear athletic sneakers. If you do not wear sneakers, you will not be able to participate in some events.